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About us

In December 2002 was established by employers with companies specializing in production and installation of windows and doors - the first form of organization Employers - National Association of Producers of windows, doors and glass facades of Romania (ANPFR).
On May 26th 2004, after 1.5 years of existence as an association, it held establishment of the two forms of organization - The Ownership of Producers for Thermo-Insulating Carpentry (PPTT) - in order to better represent the interests of its members before the competent state bodies, according to Law of Employers.
 - PPTT is an organization of employers working in the field of execution and fitting windows, insulating glass units, facade installation and suppliers of materials.
 - PPTT has currently a total of 111 members.
 - PPTT members are all kind of companies active in this field.
 - PPTT is a founding member of the Federation of Employers with Companies of Construction - member Federation of UGIR, where we are partners in social dialogue.
 - PPTT is a founding member of the “Cluster to promote energy buildings with nearly zero - Pro-nZEB ".

Main objectives
 - A primary goal of the organization is to promote the manufacturing of quality windows, doors, facades, insulated glass unit and that their installation are correctly made.
 - To support and defend the interests of all manufacturers and installers of windows, doors, facades and insulating glazing, in relations with public authorities, unions and other legal entities and individuals, both nationally and internationally.

1. PPTT contribution to the Standardization of National, European or International
 - As an active member of the standardization committee ASRO/TC 122 (Glass in buildings) and ASRO/TC 318 (Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling), PPTT had an effective contribution to the elaboration and implementation of Romanian version of relevant EN and ISO standards.
 - CEN/TC 33 - Doors, windows, shutters, building hardware and curtain walling; (through ASRO we participate in the work of the European Committee for Standardization).
 - Commission CTS 11 – “Functional requirements for constructions and physics of buildings” of the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds.
 - As representative association in the field, PPTT assisted MDRAP in the development of standard (reference) costs used for exterior joinery works included in the national program for thermal rehabilitation and to meet the new performance updated minimum energy requirements.
 - PPTT was accepted by the Permanent Technical Council for Constructions as partner in their activities.
 - PPTT regulations developed in the field: "Internal Standard PPTT - the appearance evaluation criteria of insulating glass units” and Model for elaboration of "The specification for construction and installation of exterior windows and doors" (Technical specification).
 - Development of a "Guide to good practice for installation of windows and exterior doors."
 - Monitoring legislation in this branch and submitting proposals to amend at the ministry.
Current proposals for legislative changes and technical regulations: GD 622/2004 establishing the conditions for marketing construction products; Draft technical regulation "Normative fire safety of buildings. Part I - Construction, indicative P 118/1 2016”; The manual "Technical Instructions for use and installation of glazing and other glass products for construction, Indicative C 47-86".

2. Certification (attestation) technical and professional qualifications of the economic agents in field of the windows and doors,insulating glass units, facades.
 - PPTT performs certification of technical and professional qualifications of the operators which active in the windows and doors. This certification is a voluntary system for the recognition of company competence in carrying out processes covered in their activity.

3. Specializations, trainings, professional certifications for employees
 - PPTT, in partnership with the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, organized trainings dedicated for training and specialization the employees with higher technical education from companies active in the market for windows and doors thermo-insulating.
 - PPTT is authorized by the National Authority for Qualifications (ANC) as a centre for professional skills assessment and certification obtained by other means than formal for the existing relevant occupations (Installer of thermal insulation fenestration systems, Maker of aluminium and plastic joinery and Maker of insulated glass unit).

4. Participation in projects financed by the European Commission and Structural Funds
 - The Project BUILD UP Skills QualiShell “National Qualification Scheme for Construction Workers to Ensure High Performance Building Envelopes”.
 - The Project “Qualify you! Give yourself a chance at a better life!”, co-financed by the European Social Fund by Sectorial Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013 Invest in people !.

5. Participation in fairs and trade missions through Program to support the internationalization of Romanian economic operators, financed from the state budget, for the period 2017-2020, in the Department of Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship.
 - PPTT participated at the International MADE expo, Milan, 18 to 21 March 2015 - together with Romanian exhibitors, at the Pavilion of The Romania.
 - PPTT will participate again this year, at the International Batimat, Paris, 6 to 10 November 2017.

6. PPTT provide advice and technical assistance trought the committees operating at organization, and it emits Technically for conflicts to resolve their differences amicably.

7. Main activities carried out by PPTT, from its constitution
 - Organization of thematic conferences with topics of interest followed by debates and discussions at fairs and construction exhibitions: Ambient Expo, Camex and Windoor – Bucharest and RoWindoor - Brasov or PPTT General Meeting of Members, etc.
 - Organization in 2005 and 2006 debates with manufacturers, system providers and authorities in the field, about climatic conditions in Romania and application of SR EN 12608: 2004 in manufacturing windows and doors.
 - Organize a series of conferences in 2008-2009 in five cities of the country: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta and Bucharest - on the implementation of the CE marking, according to SR EN 14351-1: 2008.
 - Debate Organized by PPTT in November 2009 with the major manufacturers of windows and doors, system providers, hardware and accessories, sigilaturi and sealing materials, Certification Bodies and testing laboratories, specialized press, to find solutions for effective enforcement of the CE marking.
 - Organization of conferences "New solutions and technologies in the field of windows and doors, insulating glass and curtain walls" in 2010 in two cities: Bucharest and Brasov.
 - PPTT proposed to The Government to launch programs in the field, in the economic crisis triggered in 2009: The "thermal window" program and " jalopy".
 - PPTT proposed to The Government to launch new programs in the field, in the economic crisis triggered in 2009: The programs were "thermal window" and "jalopy".
 - "10 years of activity PPT" Festive gala awards ceremony and special diplomas awarded the most important companies in the industry, October 30th 2012.
 - Organization conference series "specialists windows, facades and glass" in 2016 in three cities: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Bucharest.

Proposed activities for the current year, 2017
 - Organizarea seriei de conferinte „Specialistii ferestrelor, fatadelor si sticlei” in 2017 in trei orase: Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi şi Bucureşti.
 - Workshop-uri adresate producatorilor de tamplarie PVC si aluminiu, producatorilor de vitraje izolante.
 - "15 ani de activitate PPTT", Gala festiva cu decernarea de premii si diplome speciale companiilor cu rezultate deosebite.
 - Organization conference series "specialists windows, facades and glass" in 2017 in three cities: Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Bucharest.
 - Workshops for producers of PVC and aluminum manufacturers, Insulating glass units.
 - "15 years of activity PPT"
 - Festive gala awards ceremony and special diplomas companies with outstanding results.


Patronatul Producatorilor de Tamplarie Termoizolanta

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Str. Alexandrina nr. 20-22, etaj 2

Tel: 021-311 1630, Fax: 021-311 8010
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